Saturday, 23 November 2013

Funk Skis Fall Sale

Whistler Mountain has been open for a week now and you have hopefully had a chance to get out and destroy your skis, which means you'll be needing a pair of Funks soon.
Well good news, there is a big deal going on here at Funk Custom Skis with a fall sale.  Skis in stock are $697 a pair, and custom orders are $897.
I'm not making much money at those prices, but I get the stoke of getting you out on skis you deserve to ski on, and you get a locally made pair of skis that will blow your mind.
Also I have some demos available so hit me up if you'd like to take a pair out.

left to right:  Smok'n Gun Wide (sold) Slash 179, Smok'n Gun Wide 190's, Smok'n Gun 180's(sold), Slash 189's (sold), Smok'n Gun 190's (demo), Transcender 181's (mine), Transcender 181's, Slash 179's, Slash Supa Wyde 189's

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